LASER Eye Surgery

Would you like freedom from your glasses?  Dr Cronin performs advanced LASER eye surgery with a difference...

    • Nervous? No problem.  Have your surgery while you sleep.  Our on-site anaesthetist can give you intravenous sedation for your procedure
    • Have a touchless, bladeless, all laser procedure 
    • The only excimer LASER in Queensland that is located in an accredited private hospital (South Bank Day Hospital in Brisbane)
    • Dr Cronin owns his share of the laser.  There is no corporate boss dictating sales targets.
    • Receive an honest patient focussed opinion on whether LASER surgery is right for you
      • No "Free consultations"
      • No Pressure
      • No payment plans
      • Just a balanced medical opinion on whether you are a good candidate for safe LASER eye surgery

LASER procedures performed for disease such as Recurrent Erosion Syndrome, Keratoconus, Corneal Scars and Irregular Astigmatism post corneal transplant may be covered by your health fund if you are covered for the Photo-Therapeutic Keratectomy Procedure (Medicare item number 42810).

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